SNELL FAMILY REUNION Scholarship Requirements
Application Instructions
Please complete the attached application form to apply for the Snell Family Reunion Scholarship by June 1, 2015. Late applications will not be accepted.
• Must be a Snell Descendant
• Must be willing to fulfill all requirements
• Must operate in EXCELLENCE because that is what we expect as Snell family members
• Must have an attitude of success!
Personal Information
First Name: ___________________     Last Name: _________________________________
Address: ______________________   Home Phone/Cell Phone: _______________________
City: _________________________
State: _________Zip:____________
E-Mail: __________________________________________________
Educational/Professional Information (which one applies to you?)
Elementary/Middle/High School (you presently attend):
College or University/Community College/Vocational, etc (you presently attend):
Business Professional/Business Owner (you presently work or own):
Give a brief description of your occupation or business:
*Scholarships given by Legacy Educational Solutions, LLC
Objective of the Legacy Educational Services Snell Family Reunion Scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship is to establish connections with the Snell family, our rich history, and to enhance our knowledge of our family tree. Knowledge about who we are will empower future generations!
Create a multimedia project outlining WHY and HOW family is important to you*
This may be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation, movie, video clip, audio clip, graphics, written paper including web links, animation, etc. This is just a few examples of types of multimedia that can be used. Be creative and HAVE FUN!
The following bullet points MUST be included in the multimedia project in order to be considered for the scholarship.
*Must be creative
*Must show individual family as well as knowledge of the Snell extended family shown on our family tree (located on the Snell Reunion website).
*Must show evidence of research done to complete project.
*Must not exceed 15 minutes
IMPORTANT NOTE: Four (4) scholarships will be given. One person from each category below will be selected. All multimedia projects should be brought to the family reunion either on a USB drive, CD/DVD, or any type of memory/storage device.
Age/Grade Level
Scholarship Award
K-2 (Kindergarten through 2nd grade)
3-6 (3rd through 6th grades)
7-12 (7th through 12th grades)