Hello family, Once again, we are asking every family member that are able to do so, to contribute by making a donation to keep our "Snell Family Reunion"  Webpage active.  With the passing of my mom and the sudden death of our beloved Jerry, I allowed to time to get away from me and just realized that we were suspended on December 2105. 

Building this web site took months and very long hours, but most importantly it took love and determination. 

I was determined to put something together that would keep us connected long after the last hug and kiss became just a bitter sweet memory from our last reunion.

And it goes without saying that my love for my family makes the time spent in building our very own "Snell Family" web page, well worth it.
Family to continue using this tool and to keep this site open is going to require help from all of us. 

I must say that without your help, I cannot continue to pay for this site alone along with our ancestry account.    

The future of both depends on you, and your donations. 

My husband I covered the reinstatement fee of $19.95 for this month and will be charged each month on the 27th of each month the same amount.  We are also paying for our family ancestry account of 19.95 and have been doing so for the last 5 years. 

2017 Snell Family Reunion is quickly approaching and this site is very effective in getting all of the information to you with detailed accuracy. 

All donations will be documented and available to view. 
Payments made to this site will be deducted direct from those donations, and payments for the ancestry account will be paid by check from the Snell family account fund. 
Detailed information will follow after discussions with the 2017 committee to see how they wish to handle the bank account for both the donations and for the on line payment made for 2017 dues etc.

Again together as a family we can do this. 

Without your help all of the information and history loaded into both of these sites will no longer exist.

Thank You for your support in this matter and I look forward to speaking with you soon, and I am anxiously waiting to see all of you at our next "Snell Family Reunion" 

Be blessed over and above even your highest expectations.
Shelene Byrd .

In 2011 we made a payment by way of donations on this account that enabled us to keep it opened until Dec 2015. 
We have the option to make the same arrangement:  The amounts:
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