Prayer List

Family remember we must continue, or start to pray one for the other.  Please send in your prayer request.   And those that are willing let us take time to pray  on one accord for each of these request.  Let us set aside a time- say 7:00 P.m to pray for  each person on this list daily.    This is just my suggested time, if any of you  have suggestions, please get them to us.  We just don't have time to wait lets, get started now.  

 April, 20, 2011

Family please pray for Ronnie Neal (56) The son of Doris Neal, who just passed away shortly after her brother Jessie Snell last year.  He's been diagnosed with  throat cancer and the doctors have given up.  But we all know that the Lord has the last work.  Let us as a family of believers, humbly go before God's  throne of Grace petitioning the Lord to bless and keep him and his family, and that He will give them strength to go through this difficult but not impossible trial and tribulation. 

"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us"   (1 john 5:14)


1.  Please pray for Nicholas Turner and his mother and family, that the Lord will give them peace during this difficult time of  their lives, and that if he is alive, God would protect him from harm and danger, but if he's no longer with us, we pray the family get him back so that they can have closure.  

2.  Pray for my grandsons, Jeremy, Zach, and Josh and for my cousin, Hayward because our nation is losing our young black men. And that they realize and reach their full potential and purpose.

3.  Pray for my mother, Lizzie M. Chatmon that the Lord will continue to bless her and that her good days far out weigh her bad days, that her fears are replaced with peace and laughter, and that she remembers people, places and things that give her comfort. 

4. Pray for my strength, faith and patience in all I do and say.  That I not be a stumbling block to others.  And that I grow stronger in Christ.


5. Pray for strength, God’s mercy and Grace, and that God is allowed to continue being the author of my younger brother Carl’s life. 

Prayer is the Key
Prayer is the Key

Giving Thanks 

"Father, we thank you for the privilege of being together as a family.

As the generations grow farther apart, let them be brought together with the memory of the loved ones who were once with us, but now live only in our memories.

Strengthen the bond of relationships as we face the future, but always keep with us our ties of the past."

We thank you for those that came together to all or some of our Snell Family Reunions. We give thanks for the generations of family members who came together and those that had the desire to be come but could not, in unity to honor our past, to celebrate the now, and prepare for the future.

We thank you for allowing us to reconnect with relatives and friends for the purpose of fun, food, fellowship, and the strengthening of ties that bind us one to another.

Our unconditional love for one another is reason enough to celebrate; for this love and our blood unite us forever one with the other. 

We thank you those coming and expecting a loving and joyous reunion,a time to renew friendships with family
and friends whom we seldom see and some we may never see again.

We come to honor the legacy of those ancestors who sacrificed so much for our benefit and who have finished their journey here on earth.

We come to show gratitude and humility for our
blessings and all that we have achieved and continue to enjoy; and we come to present our hopes and dreams
for future generations so that our family legacy continues.

Lord, we come with unity of spirit; we come to bond, seeking a future that hasthe potential for an abundant and enriched life.

Lord we are mindful that this is a time to promote peace and harmony; restore broken relationships; engage in thoughtful and caring activities; express love, patience,
compassion and understanding; seek wisdom and guidance; and give praise to the almighty God for the opportunity to share an experience with a common purpose.

sharing our knowledge and being receptive to new ideas, caring for our sick and elders and keeping us together.

But most of all, it is about thanking You dear Lord, and our ancestors for the privilege of being here.

Lord we ask that you continue to watch over us, and bless us as a family as,we will continue to give you the honor, glory and praise.  All of these things we pray in the name of Jesus, Amen




Pray for the family of Jessie R. Snell